Sea Spell Swimming Blog January 1st 2020

January  1st 2020 Lough Hyne swim @ 11.30 am

Low Tide 02:57 (1.21m0

High Tide 09.03 (3.23m)

Low Tide 15:20 (1.34m)

High Tide 21:12 (3.13m)

Waxing Crescent Moon

Happy New Year I cannot believe its 2020. So no better way to kick it all off with a swim in Lough Hyne. Its a hive of activity plenty of dippers getting in.

The Lappers are not out in full force, we are missing a good few and new faces join us too.

I am still not fighting fit so as others head for the gap, and go around the island, some even swim the 2k to the boat so fair play to you all.

I don't even get as far as aI did yesterday but its enough to be getting in and seeing the beauty, lost in its silence and feeling grateful for a new year to begin.


 My only New Years resolution is to keep doing more of this.

And more of this ... Turning the plastic tide tips

Bantry in West Cork has fantastic refill shop.

Not only fresh  plastic free fruit and veg.

But bring your own containers to refill shampoo, conditioner, washing up liquid, washing liquids and fabric conditioners. They have a very fancy bar style handles so very easy to refill.

There was spices, rice, nuts and pulses also, it only takes a bit of planning and its easy to get into the practice of plastic free shopping. We have to try much harder to save our beautiful waters.