Lough Hyne Paper Cut Outs

At the Gap

Swimming has given me a new perspective. Seeing the landscape from being surrounded by water during a swim gives me such a buzz. A reconfirmed sense of joy at the beauty of where I am at that moment. I spent a day on a small rubber dingy with my husband Richard taking him to the points of where we stop and take in the landscape and have a wee chat before swimming on. I drew and took photographs and later in my studio re drew using continuous line with ink. I then photocopied the drawings and cut out using the photocopy as a guide. The cutting out was slow but worth the result. I then coloured the paper and layered over washes and mono prints to create depth to the work. As the light changes so does the work as the shadows and the colours reflect light back too.

At the picnic table

Swimming to the Gap

Mrs Kellys Pier