Sea Spell Swimming Blog March 21st 2020

March 21st Adventure Saturday Ballyally @ 2pm

High Tide 03:18 (3.12m)

Low Tide 09:38 (0.93m)

High Tide 15:43 (3.12m)

Low Tide 21:54 (0.83m)

Waning Crecsent Moon

I love swimming off Ballyally Pier. It tricky to get to just beyond Lough Hyne, you really have to know the way but so worth it. Even on grey wild and windy days like this the water is just a wee bit warmer than Lough Hyne.


We can see the wild spray of the waves crashing on to Bullock Island. We swim around the island in summer. We just swim to the middle and experience the thrill of being in the waves.

Its just great fun I feel exhilarated, a short break from the relatively new situation of living with the threat of the Corona Virus.

And of course keeping our distance, but still laughing.