Sea Spell Swimming Blog March 19th 2020

March 19th 2020 Lough Hyne dip @ 10 am

Tide 01:09 (2.84m)

Low Tide 07:38 (1.31m)

High Tide 13:51 (2.81m)

Low Tide 20:13 (1.24m)

Crescent Moon

After their dip, these inspirational ladies social distance line dance to keep warm.

I am alternating each day with dipping and wet suit longer distance swims. This morning socially distance swimming with Aisling, Alice and adventure Jo.

Jo swims underneath me, he is full of energy and is such a tonic to swim with. He swims very fast as has to wait for me to catch up.

Jo speeds off in a flash of bubbles.

We are joined by a seal. I am no longer terrified of seals they always have kept their distance. So far anyway.

We swim back along the edge and see a heron too.