Sea Spell Swimming Blog 27th March 2020

March 27th 2020 Baltimore Swim @ 5.30 pm

Low Tide 03:23 (1.06m)

High Tide 09:30 (3.19m)

Low Tide 15:42 (1.15m)

High Tide 21:49 (3.16m)

Waxing Crescent Moon

My second swim of the day, Maria and Jim are already in, we are doing loops of the Cove Beach in Baltimore as well as practising safe physical / social distance.This is before Lock down and as Lough Hyne seemed be getting very busy due to the good weather we decided to keep it local.

As I swim around to the right the temperature of the water drops. There are plenty of visuals both above and below and as it's evening, I am loving watch the light change as we swim around.

My eldest daughter is dipping with her friends after a hard day home schooling. I feel so sorry for them having to deal with this situation, but delighted that they are going into the sea I can see the positive effect it has on her.

A very special place, I feel very privileged to live in such a beautiful village and be able to swim here.